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We Have A New World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Former WWE superstar ORLANDO JORDAN is our NEW High Risk Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion!

The second night of HeatWave was possibly even more successful than the first with 300+ fans in attendance!

Rusty Dhodes defeated. Heath Fury via pinfall after the Bionic Elbow Drop

Nick Eclipse defeated. The Rising Star Jamie Baker via pinfall

Blake The Man Mitchell Vs. The Nacho Man - No Contest. Blake Mitchell gave the POP DROP (DDT) to refere Jack Rossely.

The Hallmark defeated. Cannonball Kris Taylor by Disqualification
Special Guest Referee was Fat Pizza and Houso's superstar Davey Cooper.
Blake Mitchell sent out one of the Genesis Promo girls with beers in hand to distract Davey Cooper out of the ring. Then senior referee Jack Rossely came to the ring. Jack was trying to fix the turnbuckle pad in the corner The Hallmark threw a chair at cannonball and pretended he was hit. Jack saw the chair in Cannonballs hand and called for the disqualification.

Main Event: HRPW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Orlander Jordan defeated. David Hawk via pinfall after the Gender Bender. IRoll The Dice)
David Hawk was about to hit his finishing move from the top rope and win the match possibly, but Blake Mitchell came from behind and knocked him off the top rope, giving Orlando Jordan prime opportunity to hit his finishing move.


Orl buy propecia ando Jordan said after the match that he will come back to HRPW in March for the Revenge Tour and defend the belt in a rematch against David Hawk because of Blake's interfearance.

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